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Cuatro Nueve is a design studio specialized in architecture and interior design, we are a multidisciplinary professional group who offers solutions in an integrated design context.

As a response to each task, our projects expresses the teamwork between designers, our client's lifestyle and preferences combined with a wide analysis of the aesthetic and optimal proportion.

Contemporary elements and past reinterpretation are the main principles in our design process, which is focused on creating strong personality elements as well as a sober language space capable of creating an attractive experience for users, reaching detail to its maximum artistic expression.

Nancy Velasco graduated from Architectural School with an emphasis study in Interior Design at the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM 2009) in Monterrey, México. And an Interior Design for Hotels studies at Domus Academy (2014) in Milano, Italy.
VELASCOGARCES Arquitectura, CEO & Founder, 2010.
CuatroNueve Studio, CEO & Founder, 2014.

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